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Multiple Choice GK Quiz #2 (10 Questions)

GK Quiz #2 (10 Questions)

Play our GK Quiz, one of the best quizzes available on the Internet. Test your skills by playing this amazingly mind boggling Quiz. Did you know that your brain is in fact a muscle? Yes it is.. And so your brain also needs to workout. So what better workout than to solve riddles?

Whenever you clear up a riddle you are growing new brain cells making it stronger and stronger every time you solve a question. So how many times smarter you may be in case you beat this game! Ready to challenge your brain? Here’s a collection of free General knowledge questions for you to solve!

Test your knowledge to see how you do and compare your score with your friends. It includes different categories- world, Technology, science,  sports, and many more.

GK Quiz include 10 multiple choice questions with four option will be displayed. Users will have to select one option out of the four option given which they think is the correct answer. After answering  all the questions users will have to click ‘Finish’ option which will take them to the result page.

The rules for solving the GK Quiz are simple. Answer the question by selecting the correct option. 4 Options. 1 Correct answer.

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#1 “What word represents the letter ‘T’ in the NATO phonetic alphabet?”

#2 “What alcoholic drink is made from molasses?”

#3 “Which American president appears on a one dollar bill?”

#4 “What geometric shape is generally used for stop signs?”

#5 “What is ‘dabbing’?”

#6 “What type of animal was Harambe, who was shot after a child fell into it’s enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo?”

#7 “How many colors are there in a rainbow?”

#8 “Red Vines is a brand of what type of candy?”

#9 “What is the nickname of the US state of California?”

#10 “What is on display in the Madame Tussaud’s museum in London?”



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