Guess the Celebrity – Hollywood Actresses

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Are you a big fan of the beautiful Hollywood Actresses???

We bring you another edition of the Guess the Actress Quiz. This time it is more interesting, more addictive, more challenging and more mind boggling. Because this time it is all about Actress trivia, Hollywood Actress pictures, Hollywood puzzle for Hollywood Actresses.

You might have tried our previous quiz, riddles, puzzle, trivia, game but you may have not come across what we call the best app game of Hollywood quiz, riddles, puzzle, trivia, game for Hollywood Actresses.

Do you like Emma Watson or Margot Robbie? How well you know your favourite Hollywood Actresses? Well here is a great chance to test your skills. This game will not only channelize your attention to solve picture quiz, riddles, puzzle, trivia game but also will make you think twice as to which Hollywood Actresses or Hollywood Stars is hidden in the picture.

Who is the hottest Hollywood actress?

Which Hollywood actress has the most beautiful eyes?

Which actress flaunts her 6 pack better than the others?

Play a Quiz and identify famous Hollywood actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Green and many more.

There are more than 100 questions in the game. All you gotta do is Scratch the photo
of the Actress to reveal her face. You can only scratch one third of it. Identify the actress , guess the actress, find the actress and type the name of the Hollywood Actress and you get 10 coins. Use these coins for Hints if you get stuck.

It gets tougher and tougher but if you are a true fan it is cakewalk for you. You don’t have to pay to play as this game is absolutely free for lifetime so hop on and enjoy the trivia, picture quiz, riddles, puzzle, game for Hollywood Actresses photos.

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