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Test your Math Quiz Puzzle Trivia #2

Test Math  Quiz Puzzle Trivia #2 (10 Questions)

Play our Math Quiz Puzzle , one of the best quizzes available on the Internet. Test your mathematical skills by playing this amazingly mind boggling Quiz.

Test your knowledge to see how you do and compare your score with your friends…

The rules for solving the Math Quiz are simple. Answer the question by selecting the correct option. 4 Options. 1 Correct answer.

Improve your Mathematics by playing our game. It is the most addictive game.

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#1 “How many bricks does it take to complete a building made of bricks?”

#2 “If I have to take a tablet every 1/2 hour, how many did I take in 1 1/2 hours?”

#3 “There are 2 mothers, 2 daughters, 1 grandmother and 1 granddaughter. How many people are there?”

#4 “How much dirt is there in a hole 3 feet deep, 6 ft long and 4 ft wide?”,

#5 “How many times can you subtract the number 5 from 25?”

#6 “If you were in a race and passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in?”

#7 “How many seconds are there in a year?”

#8 “There are 12 kids in a classroom. 6 kids are wearing socks and 4 are wearing shoes.” 3 kids are wearing both. How many are bare feet?”,

#9 If 8=56, 7=42, 6=30, 5=20, then 3=?

#10 I am a number with a couple of friends, quarter a dozen, and you’ll find me again.



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