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Welcome my dear!

PhotoSo helps you to store your Photos by adding a them to albums.

Just select the Photos and add to name of the album in one click. PhotoSo automatically organizes and saves Photos as per the name. It also, sorts the Photos in your Phone Gallery.

Nearly every individual is facing the problem of having too many photos on their device but not much organization.

If I tell you to show me a Photo you took at the Christmas eve two years back, will you be able to do it without scrolling through the Gallery?

I suppose it is impossible. To solve such a problem, PhotoSo comes into picture.
This light weight and powerful app has a great inbuilt technology that will help you to sort and organize your Photos with one click!

That’s right! All you have to do is :

  • Install PhotoSo and open it
  • Select the Photos that you would like to organize
  • Add selected photos to the predefined Albums of your choice
  • Done 😊

In less than 3 taps, you have successfully sorted your Photos by adding a album name to them.
Now whenever you want to search any Photo, you can find them in the app automatically. Even better, you could see the sorted Photos right in your Phone’s Gallery!

That’s how simple it is.
PhotoSo is free to use for life. You might see a few ads after a free threshold is reached.
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  • Organize Photos by adding them to an album of your choice
  • Delete unwanted Photos
  • Directly Share Photos by one tap
  • Set Home Screen and Lock Screen Wallpapers
  • Browse through a collection of unlimited beautiful HD Wallpapers
  • View Photos in Full Screen
  • Manage Albums
  • Play a slideshow of Photos in an album

Upcoming update will include the following features

  • Group select Photos by Date
  • Edit Photos from an in built powerful Photo Editor
  • Share your best Photo on PhotoSo timeline

You can Photo Gallery, Photo Albums, Pictures, Images, Files delete. You can let the Files Go, You can make albums, screenshots, slideshows. You can phone gallery, photos edit photos, add filters, beautify images, selfies, groupies and more

Contact us for any queries you have regarding our service. We love to get feedback from our users.

Hit the Download button below to download the Android app. Install it in your phone and start playing and start earning.

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