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Riddles games – Puzzles, Trivia, Brain teasers.
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Well we bring you one of the most beautifully designed game that will boggle your mind and will completely astonish you with the quality of amazing riddles

This game has more than a thousand riddles that can determine your IQ level.

Did you know that your brain is in fact a muscle? Yes it is.. And so your brain also needs to workout.. So what better workout than to solve riddles?

Whenever you clear up a riddle you are growing new brain cells making it stronger and stronger every time you solve a question.So how many times smarter you may be in case you beat this game!

Additionally this game is famously reasonable for preparing critical thinking aptitudes of kids and adults

Ready to challenge your brain? Here’s a collection of free spelling riddles and brain teasers for you to solve!
Topping Tons of riddles to boost up your brain power! One of a kind TRIVIA GAME. Every question will also let you know of some unheard facts. Clear up all types of riddles and puzzles from funny riddles to logical ones!
There are more than 100 riddles per level, more than 100 picture quiz and puzzles, more than 300 true or false questions

Ask your friends by sharing the riddle on various social media platforms

If you want to test your logic skills with some fun and twisted logical question and brain teasers, then this is the right GAME! Why? Because this is the “Best Brain Teaser Word Game, with thousands of questions, riddles, brain teasers, brain twisters, facts, puzzles, picture quiz collection of riddles and much much more. It is Amazingly addictive and super fun!” Each level is a fun riddle quiz

It is an addictive free game you can enjoy with your friends, get ready to take the quiz and find out if you have a GENIUS brain or not!

If you always wanted wondered about your intelligence quotient, this game is perfect for you. It tests you on verbal ability, logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude, among several other factors. It also checks your intelligence, your skills to solve math, your vision to recognize stuff and most importantly, your undivided attention because that is what is required to play this. it gets difficult mind you.

Let me brief you about the levels or stages that you can Play in this Trivia Game.
Each correct answer or a correct choice will give you 10 coins. You can use the coins to use lifelines like Hints (in Riddles and Picture Riddles) and 50-50 (in quiz and picture quiz). The last two levels (odd one out and true or false) have no lifelines and are most toughest to solve. Each incorrect answer will cost you 20 coins so be careful.

✓ Riddles

  • Over 100 riddles
  • Form the answer from the alphabets/letters available
  • Categories- funny riddles, silly riddles, trivia riddles, what am I riddles, easy riddles, friends quiz

✓ Picture Riddles

  • Over 100 riddles
  • Form the answer from the alphabets/letters available
  • Categories- logo quiz, personality test, personality quiz

✓ Quiz

  • Over 100 quiz questions with 4 options each
  • Choose a correct option for the quiz question
  • Categories- math riddles, trivia quiz, logical reasoning

✓ Picture Quiz

  • Over 100 quiz questions with 4 options and a picture for each
  • Choose a correct option for the picture quiz question
  • Categories- movie quiz, movies facts, sports quiz questions, current affairs quiz questions

✓ Odd man out

  • Over 20 riddles
  • Select one odd image out of the 4 images, science quiz questions

✓ True or False

  • Over 300 riddles
  • Answer can be True or False but options are yes or no, correct or incorrect too
  • Categories- funny facts, interesting facts, free brain teaser facts, math riddles for kids

You can riddles and answers. You can also riddles with answers, You can tricky riddles.
That’s about it. So What number of Quiz Questions Can You Solve?
Play To Find Out If You’re A Genius!

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