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Right Wrong Quiz Trivia#3 (10 Questions)

Right Wrong Quiz Trivia#3 (10 Questions)

Right Wrong Quiz Trivia is a riddle quiz game. In this game, you need to decide whether the statements are right or wrong.
Amazing actualities on an entire scope of points. You will learn many interesting facts. Experiment with your knowledge and test your minds!

Right Wrong Quiz Trivia is the most addictive game ever. Test your Brain right now.

Test your knowledge by playing Right Wrong Quiz to see how you do and compare your score with your friends…

The rules for solving the this Quiz is very simple. Answer the question by selecting the correct option. 2 Options. 1 Correct answer.

Do Astronauts shrink while they’re in space? You will soon know the appropriate response!

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#1 There are more calories in single peanut than in an 8OZ steak.

#2 Black holes aren’t balck.

#3 Cracking your knuckles too much will give you arthritis

#4 It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter

#5 There are more stars in space than grains of sand on every beach in the world

#6 An octopus has three hearts

#7 Chewing gum takes seven years for a person to digest

#8 Eating chocolate gives you spots

#9 Mammoths still walked the Earth when the Great Pyramid was being built.

#10 There are more fake flamingos in the world than real ones.



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