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Scratch me if you can – Photo Quiz, Picture Puzzle

Hello Folks!!! We bring you another edition of the Photo Quiz. This time it is more interesting, more addictive, more challenging. Because this time it is all about image trivia, photo quiz, picture puzzle.

Scratch me if you can is an addictive brain training game. Get the real benefits in memory by playing this challenging and interactive game. Want a sharp brain? Challenge your brain.

Scratch me if you can is the best trivia game to test your general knowledge about the objects you see around you in your day to day life.

Most importantly includes over 300 images from various categories such as fruits, flowers, birds, animals, foods, objects and many more.

Rules to play the games are fairly simple. Scratch the image to reveal the hidden objects and choose the correct answer for the pic to solve the puzzles and collect stars to unlock higher levels. You will get 15 seconds to answer each question. You have two lifelines to help you guess the object and they cost coins.

After completion of each level you will get 100 coins and stars on the basis of your correct answers. The first five levels are unlocked. You will require 10 stars to unlock the next five levels.

There are more than 15 levels in these game to play. So enjoy as much as you can and train your brain.

Let us see how many pictures you can guess and challenge your friends by seeing who can solve the most pics. Scratch me if you can is one of the best puzzle game around.

Many objects you see everyday look alike. Sliced Mango could easily be confused with starfruit. Lime can easily be confused with a lemon. It is nearly impossible to find out whether its buttermilk or milk without tasting it. So just imagine how difficult it would be to guess the thing based only on its photo. Whoa! What’s more is you can’t even see the entire photo. You can only partially scratch off the film over it.

And you thought it was easy. LOL 🙂

To play the full version of this game, you can download the free android app from the Play Store

Download Scratch me if you can - Photo Quiz free from Google Play


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